Year-Round Alpaca Sweaters

Is Alpaca Only Good for Winter?

Many people seem to think so.

And while it's true that alpaca is a very warm fiber, clothes made from alpaca fibers can also a great option for the spring, fall, and even for those cold indoor spaces during the summer.

This means that a closet full of alpaca apparel is a year-around worthwhile investment. But it has to be the right kind of alpaca garment . . .

Year-Round Alpaca Clothing.

As I wrote in the blog entry “Why Alpaca?”, alpaca fibers are not simply one of the most luxurious fibers with which to make clothes; it is at the same time insulating and extremely breathable.

These two seemingly contradictory properties come from air pockets contained in alpaca fibers on a microscopic level. A cardigan or sweater made from quality alpaca wool would be warmer than most other sweaters made from a different fiber, yet as light and comfortable as a thin cotton sweatshirt. This means that your Ella Ember alpaca garment will insulate you from the elements while providing a wider temperature comfort-range than clothes made with other fibers.

Ella Ember's 100% baby alpaca sweaters and cardigans are the perfect choice, year-around.

What You Should Look For.

There are some things to look for, if you're looking to invest in alpaca clothing that can be comfortably worn beyond winter:

  • Make sure the garment is made from 100% alpaca fiber, because blended yarn will not have the same qualities as alpaca clothes. Apparel that use these blends could change the temperature comfort-range of the garment.
  • Choose garments made of “baby alpaca,” which is soft to the touch, softer even than 100% superfine alpaca. Superfine alpaca can be too itchy for some people — like me! — and can be unbearable unless you wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath. Adding these extra layers defeats the purpose of wearing baby alpaca clothing on warmer nights.
  • Lastly, opt for those lighter knit garments. Light sweaters or cardigans are great to wear under your coat in the winter. During the milder months of the year, you could get away with just wearing the cardigan, leaving the coat behind altogether!
(Alpaca Fashion Pro-Tip: Ella Ember shawls are a great year-round addition to your closet. They can be folded and worn as a scarf in the winter. On warmer nights, throw them around your shoulders over a sleeveless top.)

A Secret Well Kept.

Many alpaca users know what I just shared with you, and they're not afraid to keep their alpaca textiles in their year-round wardrobe rotation. But if you are new to the joys of alpaca, trying alpaca for the first time, or simply didn’t know much about alpaca, these suggestions will come in handy to help you make a decision the moment you buy your first alpaca garment.

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