Having a hard time finding the right sweater for your body type?


Many brands design and sell knitwear that is made for a certain segment of the population. For example, some brands focus on fitted silhouettes, such as those that sell to a younger audience.

Some others make clothes that are everything but fitted garments, because they sell to women with fuller bodies. That is all fine and common practice. In the end, every company works to attract and serve a certain type of customer.

In the case of Ella Ember, we design and produce alpaca knitwear mainly for women between the ages of 35-55. The challenge for us is that women in our age group are very diverse.

Some are having children, some already had children in their younger years, others may be going through menopause, and some others probably have already passed menopause. This means that they all have different bodies and body shapes. They also have different needs.

So, how do we address these issues?

In order to work around the diverse body shapes of our customers, we split our alpaca knitwear collection in segments. We make sure that in every segment we include garments that fit a specific body type. We do so hoping that when a customer visits our website, she will find something she will be able to wear and look great in it.

We also split our designs in segments that separate more classical looks from trendier outfits. Even though a large portion of our customers come to us looking for unique trendier alpaca garments, we make sure they will still find classic knitwear pieces they love and want to have in alpaca.

What should you look for when shopping for a sweater, especially taking into account your body type?

If you are curvy and have a small waist, look for fitted garments that allow you to show your curves! Our Raindancer Sweater or the Turkish Delight sweater would be perfect for you if this is your case.

For those of you who have slim lower bodies, but carry weight around your waist, we recommend that you don't accentuate your waist. Rather, wear something that will take the attention to your shoulders and legs. Our Aurora Borealis sweater would be a great option for you. You could also consider our Frost Flower sweater, which would highligh your heaps and shoulders. 

Finally, for women with a pear-shaped body (below your waist is the widest part of your body), look for tops that will place most of the attention to your upper torso. You could try our Napolese Turtle Neck sweater that has a colorful pattern. Wear it over black pants or a black skirt for a full effect.

In the end, it is not about feeling bad about our bodies, but about balancing our figure and highlighting our best attributes.

I invite you to browse our site and our collection once again. I hope that you will be able to find something for you, whether you are a petite like me, or curvy, or tall. I also hope that you find a garment you will love, whether you prefer a more classic look or a trendier sweater or cardigan, in a brighter color or a classic grey.

If you don’t find something you like or that you would buy, I kindly ask you to email us at info@ellaember.com explaining what was it that you were looking for and you didn’t find. Your comments and suggestions will help us serve you better in the future. Thanks for your support!