Becoming more Purposeful with our Purchase Choices



These days, we frequently hear about Socially Conscious Products and the importance of making a difference in the world through our decision to buy one product over another.

It sometimes happens, however, that we don´t necessarily make the connection between what we end up buying and the impact this decision may have on the world around us. This is true especially when we are in a hurry or on autopilot going about our day. We just buy what we need or like and we don’t give it further thought. I’m sure that many of you will relate to this situation.

That’s the reason why we need to be reminded of what is behind the products we buy to understand the impact that our purchases will have on other people and other communities. This aspect is so powerful to me and a growing number of people, that it could become the deal breaker when we make the final purchase decision between two products.

For example, if we need to buy a present for someone, and we decide to give them a blanket to keep them warm. Do we just buy a nice-looking blanket? Of course, we want to give them something nice! But what if we have several options and all of them are nice. Well, I think that after you watch this video, you will decide to get the one that also has an impact on other people.

I came across this video on YouTube last week, which was published by the United Nations a few years ago. It shows how selling alpaca fiber has improved the lives of rural alpaca herders in Bolivia in recent years.

I am proud to say that Ella Ember gets its yarn from a Bolivian Co-Op made up of 1300 members, all of them indigenous alpaca herders from the Bolivian highlands. If you ever have doubts if your purchase of our products has an impact in the world, all you need is to watch this video about us and our alpaca wool handwoven blankets to know the answer. The same applies to all of our other knitted products.

So, on this Father’s Day, when you are deciding what to get Dad on his day, please ask yourself this question. How can I make a difference in the world through my purchase? You may decide to give him one of our handwoven alpaca wool blankets or something else. Whatever it is, I hope you choose something that Dad will love and that will have an impact on real people somewhere in the world, as well.

Happy Father's Day!

- Claudia

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