How to Remove Pilling from your Garment


Let's talk about pilling!

You bought a beautiful alpaca sweater you love and used it a few times. You wanted to wear it again and you saw that your sweater started getting some pilling – pilling is the little fuzz balls that appear on the wool, generally in the places where there’s friction, such as under your arms and on your chest, if you wear a jacket on top of the sweater.

At this point, you think the sweater you bought is not very good quality because it is showing pilling so soon! Oh no! Disaster!

But wait, the first thing to keep in mind is that pilling occurs because there are short fibers in the yarn used to make the sweater. The friction caused on the sweater when you walk or go about your day, makes pilling happen. Does this mean that the sweater is not very good quality?

Well, the answer is NO. Actually, the opposite is true!

Baby alpaca yarn, which is a higher quality fiber than superfine alpaca, has more short hair in it than the later one, because it contains more fine fibers. Finer alpaca fibers are softer and usually shorter. This is the reason why you are more likely to get pilling on a baby alpaca sweater than on a superfine sweater.

Just remember that you bought a baby alpaca sweater, because you wanted a soft, cozy sweater that would keep you warm and wouldn’t irritate your skin.

So, how to fix the pilling on your sweater to make it look like new?

It is actually very easy. All you need is a very basic razor (make sure there is not gel or moisturizer on it). You will shave the sweater on the areas where you see the pilling. Watch the video below, where I show how I cleaned the pilling off of my favorite sweater. I’ve worn this sweater for many years, and I take it when I travel, because I love how soft and warm it is.


I hope it helps you care for your lovely baby alpaca sweater. If you get rid of the pilling and you wash your sweater carefully every once in a while – alpaca doesn’t need to be washed every time you wear your garment, just air it out – I am sure it will look like new for a long long time.