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3 Myths About Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool has become popular in recent years. We are starting to see that alpaca products are being offered by many big brands, several independent designers, and small retailers. Alpaca, however, is much less known than wool and cashmere to many. Some people prefer not to buy alpaca products, because they have heard some myths about alpaca that make it very undesirable. In this post, I want to tackle 3 of these myths about alpaca wool or fleece that may help bring out the truth about them, so that you, as a customer, are better informed about alpaca and its benefits. Hopefully, this will help you make educated decisions about your purchases, especially now that the cooler months are ahead...

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Alpacas vs. Llamas

What are the similarities and differences between alpacas and llamas? We get asked these questions frequently when we talk about alpaca and where it comes from. Alpacas and llamas are similar animals and that is why they get easily confused. But the aspects that make them different are significant, especially when it comes to the fashion industry. In this article, I explore what makes these 2 animals similar and different so that you can understand them better. Let’s start talking about what they have in common: They belong to the same family Both alpacas and llamas belong to the camelid family. South American camelids migrated from North to South America continent about 2 million years ago. They are related to...

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Alpaca Fiber– A Cruelty-Free Option

Photo by Kerstin Joensson/AP   We often get asked how alpaca fiber is obtained. After all, many of our customers want to know how the products they buy were made and the materials that were used. So, let’s start by talking about how alpaca fiber is obtained and where we source our yarn from. Are Alpacas Killed to obtain their Yarn? The first and main aspect that must be pointed out is that alpacas are not killed to get their fiber. Alpacas are shorn in a similar way as sheep are shorn, in order to collect their hair. The main reason for this is that an alpaca herder obtains a lot more money from selling the fiber from its animals than...

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