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3 Myths About Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool has become popular in recent years. We are starting to see that alpaca products are being offered by many big brands, several independent designers, and small retailers. Alpaca, however, is much less known than wool and cashmere to many. Some people prefer not to buy alpaca products, because they have heard some myths about alpaca that make it very undesirable. In this post, I want to tackle 3 of these myths about alpaca wool or fleece that may help bring out the truth about them, so that you, as a customer, are better informed about alpaca and its benefits. Hopefully, this will help you make educated decisions about your purchases, especially now that the cooler months are ahead...

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Alpaca, a Gift from the Gods

  I’ve heard there is an old precolonial Legend that tells how Alpacas were handed to man by the Gods. In this story, the Gods placed the first alpacas in a mountain high up in the Andes as a gift to man, with the condition that they’d be treated kindly. I wasn’t able to trace the roots of this story, but I like it and I find it romantic! What I was able to find from more concise sources[1], was that Alpacas were domesticated in the Andes about 8500 A.D. That is a LONG time AGO! Overtime, Alpacas became a fundamental part of the economic activity of the Andean People and the Inca Empire. Even today, alpaca and llama herding...

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5 Tips to Pick the New Season’s Fashion Trends that Best Fit You Before You Shop

Back in the old days (I won’t say how old) when I was growing up, there were just a few fashion trends and we all would follow them. Picture this. Big hair and heavily sprayed bangs, a jacket with shoulder pads, and snow-washed jeans. Give or take, the trends back then were few, easy to identify and to follow. Nowadays, however, with the vast amount of information available on the internet, social media, and the existence of big, medium, and smaller designer brand options on and offline, there are a lot of fashion trends that people follow every season. It can be overwhelming! Especially, for those busy women who are juggling a family, a career, and other activities. So, how...

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