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Alpaca, a Gift from the Gods

  I’ve heard there is an old precolonial Legend that tells how Alpacas were handed to man by the Gods. In this story, the Gods placed the first alpacas in a mountain high up in the Andes as a gift to man, with the condition that they’d be treated kindly. I wasn’t able to trace the roots of this story, but I like it and I find it romantic! What I was able to find from more concise sources[1], was that Alpacas were domesticated in the Andes about 8500 A.D. That is a LONG time AGO! Overtime, Alpacas became a fundamental part of the economic activity of the Andean People and the Inca Empire. Even today, alpaca and llama herding...

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Does Baby Alpaca come from Alpaca Babies?

Times have changed a lot since I started in the alpaca business in 2003. Back then, alpaca wasn’t as popular as it is now in the US, Europe, and Asia. It seems that 16 years later, consumers are much more knowledgeable about alpacas and alpaca products, but the question still pops up frequently: Does the Baby Alpaca used to make our garments and bedding come from Alpaca Babies? Sometimes, when people ask this question, they do it in a reproaching manner which shows what they are thinking: “are your products made with fiber that comes from killing baby alpacas???” Well, the answer is NO. But let me explain. When the technical term “baby alpaca” was first used many decades ago,...

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