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Fashion with Purpose

Is the purpose of fashion as an industry simply to make beautiful things? If there's one thing I've learned in the twelve years that I've been in this industry, it's this: People want to buy beautiful things and feel good about their purchase. People want to know how the products are made and where they come from. This is especially true in places where the alpaca apparel market is relatively new. It's no surprise that I frequently get asked how our products are made. The story of the people behind our products is one of the more exciting things about our business — so I love talking about it! Origins and Origenes. When I started my first business in the...

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Why Alpaca?

"Why Alpaca?" is one of the most frequent questions I usually get when talking about our clothing line. The answer's simple: "Because alpaca is great!" Ella Ember wouldn't be here today if I believed otherwise. So the real question should be: "Why is alpaca so great?" About 12 years ago, after wearing my first alpaca garment, I fell in love with it. It is then that I started researching the qualities of this fiber to understand what made it so special. In this article, I will share with you what I learned about alpaca the animal and its fiber throughout these years. I hope you find this information helpful. Alpaca the animal. Alpacas are camelid mammals. With "camel" in the name,...

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How to care for your alpaca garment?

You've bought a beautiful, high-quality yarn Alpaca garment. Most likely, you'd want your piece to last longer than just one season. I’ve been working with, caring for, and wearing alpaca products for over 12 years. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about caring for these products. In my experience, Alpaca garments can have a long lasting lifetime with the proper care, so here are some suggestions. Airing Let’s say you’ve walked out of a restaurant and your clothes smell like food, including your favorite Alpaca sweater you just bought. You might think that you need to wash it.  But before you do that, there’s another option: Alpaca’s fiber structure makes it possible to catch pockets of air between the fibers,...

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