About Us


Ella Ember is a socially conscious brand of upscale alpaca clothing and blankets. Every piece is independently designed by us and carefully handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Bolivia, most of whom are women from indigenous background.

We are happy to say that our production process is based on fair trade principles and practices. We are members of the Fair Trade Federation, and as such, we undergo rigorous screening and work hard to create positive change through all of our work: socially, economically, and environmentally.

We strive to create unique pieces that you will love when you wear them. From coming up with the best possible size of blankets that we think you will love to fitting every garment several times until it feels and looks great, we work hard to create every product thinking of you, our customer.



Every Ella Ember piece is designed by us, and handmade by highly skilled artisans in Bolivia, most of whom are women from indigenous background. We continuously train our artisans to handcraft each piece with skill, care, and thoughtfulness. 

All of our artisans work from home, so that they may care for their children while generating an income. They are paid a fair wage, affording them financial independence.



“With the money I get from making the blankets for Ella Ember, I am able to afford to send my kids to school, to buy them clothes, and food."

- Martín, Artisan Loomist


“Working as an artisan for Ella Ember has enabled me to feed my family, without having to go out looking for a job. Throughout the years, I have made enough money to expand my workshop at home and to buy more knitting machines.”

- Bethzabé, Artisan Knitter


“Working for Ella Ember changed my life and still does. Not only do I like my job, but I also forget about my problems and worries when I’m at work. With the money I make, I am building my own house little by little. What I like the most is that I am financially independent, and because of it, I don’t have to ask my kids for any help.”

- Maria Luisa, Knitter & Quality Control Staff in Bolivia.



I was born and raised in Bolivia. I have over 15 years of experience in the alpaca industry, producing and selling alpaca products since 2003. Having moved to the US in 2014 with my American husband to start a family, I have brought my love for alpaca to the U.S. market under the Ella Ember brand.

Living in Indiana, I have been deeply inspired by the American Midwestern fall & winter seasons, which remind me of the crisp air of the Andes Mountains of my hometown. I bring this inspiration to Ella Ember.

I hope that after purchasing and trying your products, you will appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of every product, made possible by the wonderful hands of our artisans. I also hope you fall in love with alpaca and its wonderful properties. I know I did!

Claudia Mendez - Owner/President